Western Governors University: Online Education Leader

Western Governors University (WGU) is leading in online education. It offers accredited degree programs that are flexible and affordable1. Students can learn at their own speed with support from mentors.

It stands out for quality education, especially in teaching. The programs are accredited by top bodies like CAEP1 and AAQEP1. WGU is innovative and focuses on student success, giving students control to earn degrees in their way.

Key Takeaways

  • WGU offers affordable, accredited online degrees with average tuition 48% lower than the national average.
  • The university’s teacher preparation programs are fully accredited, preparing more teachers for in-demand STEM roles.
  • Flexible, competency-based learning allows students to progress at their own pace with personalized support.
  • WGU graduates experience significant salary increases and high employer satisfaction.
  • The university has awarded over 250,000 degrees since its founding in 1997.

Master’s Degree Programs at Western Governors University

Western Governors University (WGU) has a wide variety of online master’s degrees to help educators and administrators grow. The Master of Science in Educational Leadership is a highlight. It’s perfect for teachers who want to become school leaders2.

This program gives students all they need to run educational institutions, public or private. They learn about curriculum design, school law, finances, and how to manage operations well. Everything they study meets high national standards for educational leadership2.

The Master of Science in Educational Leadership at WGU aims to get graduates certified as principals or administrators. But, not all states accept this program yet, check if yours is one of them2.

Educational Leadership – M.S.

The Educational Leadership – M.S. at WGU is great for educators aiming for bigger roles. This online program helps students learn to lead and manage schools effectively3.

  • About 60% finish within 23 months3.
  • It costs $3,975 for each 6-month term3.
  • There are 13 courses in total3.

WGU also offers many other master’s in education fields. Choices include Curriculum and Instruction – M.S., Education Technology and Instructional Design – M.Ed., and several others3.

These options are perfect for educators wanting to advance their careers. They allow for skill and credential improvement in a flexible, self-paced setting423.

Western Governors University: Online Education Leader

Western Governors University (WGU) is a front-runner in online education. It stands out with accredited degrees, flexible study options, and affordable costs. WGU provides a unique, personalized learning journey5.

WGU shines in education leadership with its Master of Science program. It focuses on key areas like managing schools, leading team, and planning strategies. Students prepare to excel in educational settings5.

WGU is known for its tailored student support. Every student gets a mentor from start to finish, helping them reach their educational dreams6.

Its credibility is backed by top accreditations. The university and its Teachers College meet the highest standards. This highlights the quality of education WGU provides6.

WGU has a track record of success. Its graduates go on to have impactful careers. This showcases WGU’s commitment to shaping future education leaders6.

WGU offers various fields of study, not just in education. It includes IT, business, and healthcare programs7. Each school helps students follow their interests and excel in their jobs7.

WGU’s education is affordable. Most programs cost about $8,010 a year, much less than the national average7. Combined with fast-track options, it’s a top pick for quality and value7.

Graduates and their employers praise WGU. In a poll, 98% of employers were happy with WGU graduates. And 97% would hire them again. This shows WGU helps students and companies succeed7.

“WGU has over 300,000 graduates who have experienced success due to the university’s focus on increasing accessibility and opportunity.”

WGU leads the way in convenient, budget-friendly higher education. It empowers students to succeed in today’s challenging work environment.


Western Governors University leads in online education8. In 2019, it had an $800 million budget and almost 4,000 faculty members. Now, it supports nearly 6,000 people working toward their degrees8. Its programs are recognized for being flexible, affordable, and high-quality8.

Students at WGU can earn degrees in various fields online9. For example, the School of Education granted almost 5,000 bachelor’s degrees recently. This shows WGU’s impact on education across the U.S9. The School of Education has also given over 100,000 degrees to more than 90,000 graduates9.

Although some doubted WGU’s educational quality, it remains strong10. Policymakers praise WGU for helping students earn their degrees10. WGU aims to keep improving, ensuring student success and innovation in online education8.


What is Western Governors University (WGU)?

Western Governors University (WGU) is a top online university. It offers accredited degree programs. Students can learn at their own pace and get personal support from mentors.

What are the key features of WGU’s online programs?

WGU’s online programs stand out for their quality, flexibility, and affordability. They are accredited by important organizations like the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). WGU uses a unique model where students learn at their own speed with mentor support.

What master’s degree programs does WGU offer?

WGU has many master’s degree programs, such as the Master of Science in Educational Leadership. It’s for teachers wanting to become school leaders. They learn about curriculum design, school law, and leading schools, following national standards.

How is WGU’s Master of Science in Educational Leadership program recognized?

WGU’s Educational Leadership program is known for its high quality. It prepares students to be school principals or administrators. However, seven states have different rules and might not accept this program.

What makes WGU a respected leader in online education?

WGU has earned its name as an online education leader. It’s because of its quality degrees, unique learning style, low cost, and mentor help. Awards and partnerships, like with CAEP, show its dedication to quality.

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