Keiser University: Empowering Your Future Success

Keiser University has been a top school in Florida for more than 40 years. It has nearly 20,000 students learning at 21 campuses and online1. The university focuses on real-world jobs and offers lots of ways to study, so students can reach their goals2. Because of this dedication, Keiser is highly respected, like ranking 11th for helping students move up in society1.

Key Takeaways

  • Keiser University has over 40 years of experience in providing career-focused higher education in Florida.
  • The university serves nearly 20,000 students across 21 campuses and online, as well as two international sites.
  • Keiser University offers a wide range of degree programs, from associate to doctoral levels, in targeted industries.
  • The university’s commitment to student success is reflected in its strong rankings, including being named the No. 11 university in the U.S. for social mobility.
  • Keiser University’s flexible learning options and student-first approach have made it a preferred choice for working adults, including a significant majority of female students.

Keiser University: A Beacon of Social Mobility

U.S. News & World Report’s 2023 Best Colleges Ranking

Keiser University is the top school for moving students up the social ladder. It’s based on a ranking from U.S. News & World Report3. This ranking shows how well schools help students who need it most. Keiser University has been leading this effort. It ranked first in 2023 and has been doing better each year. This shows how committed Keiser is to giving every student a chance to succeed4.

Keiser University serves about 20,000 students in Florida, online, and internationally4. It’s a key support for Hispanic students and a member of a Latino group4. Since 1977, it has grown to offer over 100 degrees. These degrees meet a variety of academic and career goals4.

Keiser University is deeply committed to helping those who need it most. It works with many groups like the American Heart Association and Susan G. Komen Foundation3. This shows their strong desire to make a difference and help their students succeed3.

“Keiser University’s consistent performance in this category, ranking No. 1 in 2023 and climbing the rankings in previous years, demonstrates its unwavering commitment to creating opportunities and positive outcomes for students from diverse backgrounds.”

The university’s main campus in West Palm Beach is well known for its personal touch3. It attracts students from all over the globe. Keiser also offers a wide range of programs. These include doctoral, master’s, bachelor’s, and associate degrees. They meet a lot of different interests and career dreams35.

Keiser University: Empowering Your Future Success

Keiser University is all about students and their future. It offers many programs aimed at careers that are in demand. There are also lots of resources to help students beyond just classes. This supports everyone, from those in need to older students, in reaching their goals6.

Being a top choice for helping students move up in society has made Keiser University famous. It often ranks high for moving students from low financial backgrounds to success. It was even named the best in the U.S. for this by U.S. News & World Report in 20236.

YearKeiser University’s Ranking in Social Mobility
2023No. 1 in the country
2022No. 5 in the country, No. 1 in Florida
2020-2023Ranked in the top for social mobility each year

Recently, Keiser moved to a higher category for universities, marking a big leap forward. It now ranks 219th nationally. This change shows how much Keiser boosts its students’ futures6.

A big part of Keiser’s success is its focus on helping all students overcome challenges. This includes single moms and others facing tough situations. They get special help like flexible class times and one-on-one advice. This lets them focus on their studies and career plans, even with hurdles7.

The university offers a wide variety of degrees, all the way from associate to doctoral. Over 100 degrees cover skills that are needed for new jobs in Florida. This setup helps Keiser grads stand out and find great jobs after they finish studying7.

Keiser University is dedicated to everyone, including Hispanic students. As a Hispanic-Serving Institution, it makes sure students from all backgrounds get a chance at a top-notch, career-focused education. The many campuses and online options are part of this effort to reach out to a diverse range of students7.

“Keiser University has been instrumental in my journey to achieving the American Dream. The personalized support, career-focused curriculum, and unwavering commitment to student success have been invaluable in helping me reach my full potential.”

– John Doe, Keiser University Alumnus

Being a leader in helping students move up in society, Keiser University is key for those wanting a new start. It keeps growing to meet student needs and remains a top choice for life-changing education2.

A Network of Campuses and Online Learning

Keiser University is a wide network with 21 locations in Florida and even some overseas. It also has a strong online division8. This setup helps Keiser offer a lot of educational paths for students from all over.

At Keiser, you can pick from learning on campus or online, based on what fits you best9. They offer lots of study areas from Accounting to Psychology. This gives students many choices for their studies and future careers9.

Students at Keiser’s campuses benefit from top-notch facilities. Imagine big classrooms, modern labs, and libraries ready for research9. The university’s approach is very hands-on. It helps students get the real skills they need for success in their fields9.

For those who love online learning, Keiser also has lots to offer. They have different online class styles, from fully online to hybrid ones10. This setup lets students fit school into their life, managing work and family too. Keiser makes sure everyone can get a quality education that leads to a strong career.

No matter where or how you study at Keiser, you’ll find great support for your success8. They offer everything from academic help to health insurance advice. This way, Keiser helps students do well not just in their studies, but also in life.

CampusContact InformationAmenities
MiamiPhone: (305) 596-2226
Email: [email protected]
Spacious classrooms, computer and medical labs, library with internet-enabled workstations, career center
West Palm BeachPhone: (561) 471-6000
Address: 2085 Vista Parkway, West Palm Beach, FL 33411
Spacious classrooms, computer labs, medical labs, library with internet-enabled workstations, auditorium, student services information center

Keiser University aims to help students in Florida and beyond. With its campuses, programs, and ways to learn, it sets students up for success8910.


Keiser University is all about student success and social mobility. It’s a top school because it offers many job-focused programs and flexible ways to learn. The school is committed to helping students reach their goals11.

Its campuses and online study options help a lot of different people. This affects not just Florida, but communities in other places, too11. The school gets top marks, like being in the top 200 for occupational therapy. It was also praised by Fortune Magazine for its online master’s programs12.

Keiser University is making a big difference by giving people hope and chances for a brighter future131211.


What is Keiser University?

Keiser University is a top college in Florida. It serves about 20,000 students. They have 21 campuses and online classes. The school offers programs that focus on careers and lets students study in flexible ways.

What is Keiser University’s ranking for social mobility?

Keiser University is the best in the U.S. for helping students move up the social ladder. This was found in the U.S. News & World Report’s 2023 Best Colleges list. The ranking looks at how well schools help students who come from poor backgrounds.

How does Keiser University support student success and career attainment?

Keiser makes success and career goals a top priority. It has many programs and resources to help students reach their dreams. The university works hard to support students who are facing financial challenges. This helps them succeed, no matter their background or age.

What are the learning options available at Keiser University?

Keiser University has 21 campuses in Florida plus some around the world. It also offers classes online. This lets students choose how they want to learn. They can attend classes on campus or study from home.

How has Keiser University’s commitment to empowering students and fostering social mobility been recognized?

Keiser University is known for helping students succeed and move up in society. Its many campuses and online classes make learning accessible to all. Keiser plays a big part in helping communities grow in Florida and other places.

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